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Idiot's Tale (Precursor to the Nemesis Investigations Series)

You’re a middle-aged former college professor turned penniless private investigator. Things start looking up when a beautiful and rich young woman stumbles into your low-rent New Orleans office to announce that she has just escaped from kidnappers.

Within 24 hours you and your client are in Miami with an ex-Mossad agent – the most violent woman you ever met – guiding you through a tangle of lies, greed and murderous peril surrounding something diabolical called White Stone

You may have killed someone. You’re out of your depth and you’re starting to suspect that your guide is out of her mind. And all that you know for certain is that if this operation fails, you, your client, and everyone else involved will end up in unmarked graves so that people in power can deny that it ever existed.

Idiot’s Tale is unlike any thriller you’ve read, careening between mordant humor and nihilistic darkness, on its way to an ending that will haunt you for a very long time.

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The Shrike

His grisly nickname is ‘The Shrike’ – a serial killer who shoots his seemingly random victims in the head, then impales them, imitating a carnivorous bird that impales its prey on thorns.

Challenged by Sydney Rye’s Joyful Justice to prove the value of her newly formed Nemesis Investigative Services as a potential ally, billionaire Morgana Trehane sets out to put an end to the nationwide trail of grotesque killings, not knowing that the madman committing them has both the desire and the means to become history’s greatest mass murderer.

Morgana, her ex-Mossad associate, Roni Miller, a half dozen former special forces soldiers, an idealistic young woman obsessed with Morgana, a disabled but brilliant former cop and a charming, bearded giant of a Russian spy are all that stand in the way of the most monstrous crime ever conceived by a single, twisted mind.

If your taste runs to complex, violent thrillers with strong and dangerous female protagonists, THE SHRIKE is just what you’re looking for.

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A Private Affair at the Green Hell Hotel

A shadowy international crime syndicate, the Consortium has launched a plot to destroy Sydney Rye’s vigilante organization, Joyful Justice, by falsely implicating it in atrocities so that it will be declared a terrorist organization and humiliating it by destroying its training center in Costa Rica.

Dan Burke enlists Morgana Trehane’s Nemesis Investigations to assist in an elaborate counterplot to lure the Consortium into a trap deep in the Costa Rican jungle. If it fails, the Consortium will destroy two enemies with one massive blow.

It’s an inconvenient moment for the icy Morgana to have fallen in love, and fighting side by side with her new love against a full-blown airborne assault is no honeymoon!

If you like no-holds-barred action, driven by strong female characters, good and evil, then by all means become involved in A Private Affair at the Green Hell Hotel.

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Nika (Vol. 1 of the NIKA series )

Veronika Voronina – Nika – a stunningly beautiful young Russian woman, comes to a wealthy suburb of New Orleans as the trophy wife of a coarse, alcoholic lottery multimillionaire, who is unaware that his lovely plaything is the victim of a terrible crime that devastated her psychologically.

Her solitary effort to rebuild her shattered psyche has produced a normal exterior that conceals a clever, remorseless killer dedicated to the destruction of an entire class of evildoers.

Violent revenge, however, comes at a very high emotional price to the avenger, particularly a female avenger, and Nika pays that price in full. The darkness behind her beautiful face and form in the sunny setting of an upper class American suburb creates a perfect irony. She is a true monster, incurably flawed, outcast and profoundly tragic.

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The Banshees (Vol. 2 of the NIKA series)

To those they instruct, they are the nameless Teachers, but they call themselves the Banshees, after the grisly Irish specters whose wailing foretells death – appropriately, since death is what they teach.

The beautiful, wealthy Russian émigré, Nika Varon, and her red-haired Irish American consort, Alanna Quinn, travel the world, teaching fellow victims of pedophile rapists how to safely murder the men who destroyed their childhoods.

Their obsession with homicidal vengeance is matched by FBI profiler David Lapin's obsession with putting an end to their lethal activities, despite having no evidence against them, setting the stage for a confrontation that will devastate everyone who survives it.

The female avenger as protagonist was a literary taboo for 2,000 years after the ancient Greeks revealed its horrifying potential in Medea, Clytemnestra and Procne. In THE BANSHEES, that ancient horror is revived in all its tragic fury.

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